Ramses and the Battle of Kadesh

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

This excerpt from the Battle of Kadesh was taken from the book Ramses the Great: An Exhibition in the City of Dallas, published by The Dallas Museum of Natural History Association, Dallas, Texas, 1989, pages 41-43.

Rumors of trouble in the Levant in Year 4 forced Ramses II to put aside his concentration upon the ongoing massive construction projects and focus his attention on less peaceful concern, The relative stability of Egypt’s vassal states along the eastern Mediterranean coast and her control of other vital trade routes of the Ancient Near East had been weakened since late in Dynasty XVIII by the growing strength of the Hittite empire in Anatolia (modern Turkey). As Prince· Regent, Ramses II had accompanied his father on a campaign to the Levant to re·establish control of the coastal area and mastery over the city of Kadesh, an important crossroad in northern Amurru, an area…

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