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It’s Narcissist Friday!

A few weeks ago an item came through the news about a young mother who had chosen an unusual name for her unborn baby. The name, first name, was “Squire Sebastian Senator.” She did not disclose the middle name, and the article withheld her last name. Apparently, her family and friends reacted negatively to the strange name, so she went to Facebook and canceled the upcoming baby shower. As she did so, she ripped on her family, calling them names and using profanity to shame them.

Now, I do understand this. This young mother wanted to do something unique, something that made her feel like she and her baby were among the elite. The book Freakonomics (by Levitt and Dubber) has a chapter that discusses the reason some people choose strange names for their children. It has to do with wanting to feel special, different from others…

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