A Necessary Pain

I used to ask where were you, but I knew that already

Absent, not present, the heartbeat of neglect is steady

With each pulse, I’m reminded that I never had a father figure

So, with each pulse, I strived to make men gawk at my figure

Substituting sex with a stranger to compensate for an absent dad

Self-esteem, self-worth, boundaries, and standards I never had

Until one day in my soul, there was a great roll call

This Man named Jesus stood up in your place and said “Present”

His love was unconditional changing my future and my present

I asked how I could earn His love; He said it was a present

Told me to go before the world and present

The gospel to the nations He called me “sent”

Without further questioning, I forsook my plans and went

I forgive you absent parent no longer do I resent

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