Law of the Leper’s Cleansing

Reasoned Cases for Christ


This is a bit of a long one but I’m hoping that you’ll think it’s worth it.
The other evening at Church a question was asked on how we know that God’s Word is true. Now I can give you a lot of the facts why I believe God’s Word is true, touching on how the Bible was passed down to us, how it’s accuracy was safeguarded and verified through the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the thousands of manuscripts we have to employ textual criticism for the New Testament etc and while all of these facts are true, there is still so much more.
In essence, the whole Bible is about Jesus. The Old Testament is the foundation upon which Jesus, the Son of God, who walked this earth, is revealed. We see inferences and fore pictures to the coming redeeming Messiah just about everywhere, through the…

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