Of Death’s Fate

Death is not final
Thanks to God the eternal
At conception life is affirmed
But God knew me before I was formed
Deep in my mother’s womb
God goes beyond the tottering tomb
And when with the hosts I shall rise
With glory and glee shall I praise
I shall claim my eternal prize
So though pained I am at the moment
Suffering much anguish and torment
And wailing and whining with lament
Lord God of hosts
Clear all the ghosts
So I may in your kingdom
Dwell with freedom
Grant the mourners hope
Let them not in darkness grope
Enlighten them with light
So light they become
And heavy hearts they abandon
And soon rejoice at my death
Which is but a transfiguration
Enabling me in thy nation
And with John Donne I exalt
As I mock the sting-less death!

The cross

Before thy victory it…

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