Why did Jesus call Peter Satan? And how you can avoid the same.

Enough Light

I added some new tabs at the top of the blog, one for sermons. And I realized that one message I preached I never shared on the blog. Here it is, both a transcript and audio. It is from September 2017.

Matthew 16:21-27

Audio here.

My message today is on Matthew 16:21-27. As you heard, the passage begins with “From this time on” and Jesus predicts his death, rebukes Peter, and says that his followers must deny themselves and take up their own cross. But we need to back up a little.

So far in Matthew, Jesus has developed quite a ministry. Crowds follow him. He’d given the now famous Sermon on the Mount, healed the sick, raised a dead girl back to life, fed the 4,000. And people were speculating about him – who is this Jesus?

As we get close to today’s passage, Jesus asked his disciples,

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