Angels: What the Bible Really Says about God’s Heavenly Host | Dr. Mike Heiser

An excerpt from the book…

“Why does the śāṭān report in the council? The answer is found in the conception that the divine council is God’s task force for governing the world. In Zechariah 1:10 we learn that God sends angels “to patrol the earth.” Those angels report to the angel of the Lord, “We have patrolled the earth, and behold, all the earth remains at rest” (Zech 1:11). In Psalm 82 the council ʾelōhı̂m under God’s indictment are being judged because of their failure to administrate the nations according to the principles of Yahweh’s justice (Ps 82:2–4). The result is chaos on earth (“all the foundations of the earth are shaken”; Ps 82:5” via the Logos Bible Android app.

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