Now I lay me down to sleep…


“now I lay me down to sleep…”

(The Mayor on a recent visit to the statalite office of Woobooville / Julie Cook / 2019)

Feeling rather discouraged last evening…as I readied myself for bed, I had hurriedly read the post
of a dear blogger friend in Colorado who was sharing her feelings about adoption,
abortion, Woe v Wade, life, death…
and of course, with my having been adopted, it hit a strong chord.

I have really not felt very well as of late and that has had a great deal to do with how I
filter what it is that I take in from the world around me, around us…
all of which has been at best– abysmal.

The Covington Catholic Shcool debacle has really shaken my feelings about this country of ours.

Add to that a sitting president being told by the speaker of the house that he cannot…

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One thought on “Now I lay me down to sleep…

  1. What I wrote: “What a picture for this post; like you I have been quite grieved over the Covington Catholic Shcool debacle for the terrible lie and the continious attempt by the media to lie. I just saw a “fact check” site that’s become more and more leftist, of how they even helped Nathan Phillips. They said he never claimed to be a Vietnam Vet but they didn’t have anything about his lies being a “Marine Recon Ranger.” Totally selective and lying media and social media and fact check sites…sickening.


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