Still More Greek and Coptic Papyri from Scott Carroll

Variant Readings

carroll manuscript small

Thanks again to the resourcefulness of David Bradnick, here is still another video of Scott Carroll displaying still more papyrus and parchment manuscripts, including some Greek and Coptic manuscripts that have not appeared in the other videos I have surveyed. This video was filmed in Kansas City on 7 September 2016 during a meeting of the group Youth With a Mission.

Scott Carroll’s portion of what seems to have been a quite long evening begins at about the 32:50 mark and is notable for the number of Coptic manuscripts included in the presentation. Around the 38 minute Mark, Carroll gives an overall description of the material he will discuss: “recently discovered. . .all new material. . .some of these things are as recent as this past week.” One of Carroll’s slides describes this material as “Buried Treasures”:

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