Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

This is the third study on the Explore God Chicago 2019 series. The Explore God Chicago 2019 is a Community Outreach Initiative that seeks to answer seven important questions about God, faith, and purpose. You can find these seven important questions here. Previous studies on this series dealt with the following questions:

1. “Does Life Has a Purpose?”

2. “Is there a God?”

Today I address the third question in this series: “Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?”

Every person born into this world desires to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, as one grows old, this goal becomes elusive. Sooner or later pain and suffering, under different forms, will invade life, transforming it into a trial. Everyday millions of people are confronted with the reality of excruciating pain and the agony of suffering. These two issues force many people to ask, “why does God allow pain…

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