If…then why?

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If we are indeed a new creation in Christ, why does our
society continue to rot in corruption?

If believers are indeed the light of the world, why does the
world continue to live in darkness?

If the majority of citizens claim to love God, why is there
so much hatred among men?

How can people lift up ‘holy’ hands to God in worship and
then soak them in the blood of others?

How can people who preach forgiveness hold grudges against
their offenders?

How can we preach of a merciful God and yet be so judgmental
of our fellow brethren?

Christians may not be of this world but are definitely in

It doesn’t excuse them from shining their light to dispel
the darkness that threatens to swallow everything up;

What’s the use of the church if the society in which it is
cannot feel its impact?

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

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