The Power of a Friend in Anxiety Times

Tim's Blog - Just One Train Wreck After Another

Two and a half years ago my father fell. He went into emergency neurosurgery at the age of 92 and eventually recovered, but that first month following the surgery  – the long stay in the ICU, then the hospital room, then the nursing and rehab hospital for physical therapy and occupational therapy and speech therapy waiting to see if he would ever be able to process words both coming into his brain and coming out his mouth – that first month was not my finest hour.

Alongside in Anxiety

It’s not that I wasn’t able to come alongside Dad. I was and I did. But I didn’t do it alone and I didn’t find it at all easy. In fact, my ability to do anything at all was completely due to the people around me. As I found myself dealing with the stress and anxiety – and the physical…

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