Holiness is Christlikeness

ready for the road ahead

Last week we began an exploration of sin. To be clear, sin is an intentional act of the will. It is on purpose behavior. People often try to label sin. They like to think in terms of big sins and little sins. They seem to think in terms of objectionable sins and acceptable sins. God’s Word is clear, sin stands in direct opposition to God’s call for us to be holy. Some panic when they hear the term. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation of what holiness is. Holiness is Christlikeness. That is the best definition I have heard. I believe it sums up the truth and provides a biblical understanding of a term that has confused so many.

To be holy, is to be like Jesus. God’s desire is for you and me to be like His Son. We know that Jesus was without sin. He came…

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