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The Bible describes Sennacherib’s invasion of Hezekiah’s Judah in three different books. Sennacherib dedicated a central room in his palace to this same event.

All three biblical accounts describe Sennacherib’s army coming to Jerusalem after conquering Lachish. Take a look at 2 Kings 18:13-17, 2 Chronicles 32:9, Isaiah 36:2 and 37:8 then view this video showing Assyria’s “graphic novel” of the same event. The biblical and Assyrian version end at different places, but both are dramatic.

Sennacherib’s wall panels describing the attack are in the British Museum in London. Admission is free and the museum’s resources are amazing, so plan a few hours to enjoy the visit. When you go, I recommend taking an occasional break to sit down and refresh your mind & body with drinks and food from the museum’s cafes. You can also have fun browsing its extensive and varied gift shop items. There’s something…

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