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Romantic love is the primary focus of most popular music, movies, books, and stories. I would go so far as to say romantic love is something of an idol in our society. Young adults feel unattractive and unloveable when it seems like all their friends have a significant other while they themselves are running solo.

Enter adulthood.

Wedding and baby shower invitations trickle into our lives with all the subtlety of an avalanche. Older people ask, “when are you getting married?” The incessant ticking of our biological clock grows louder… Again, there is this sense that if we are not married we are somehow lacking in value or attraction.

Enter marriage.

Romance only lasts so long. Disappointment and discouragement rub the shine out of many relationships, leading to rampant divorce. Even in relationships where the love runs deep and strong, the harsh realities of life bring conflict and loneliness. (It…

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