Fresh Ground Theology

In this podcast, we transition to key kingdom documents which shape the nature of the Kingdom. These documents are covenants, and despite the tragic history of the nation of Israel, God still covenanted with them several times. These covenants describe God’s relationship with Israel and with significant people in the nation. In some covenants, God requires that the nation or individual do certain things to maintain their obligations to the covenant. These covenants we call conditional covenants. Other covenants, God does not require the nation or individual to do anything to receive the benefits of the covenant. These covenants we call unconditional covenants. The first covenant that God makes with the nation of Israel is the Mosaic Covenant, a conditional covenant. The Mosaic Covenant establishes the core aspects of the nation of Israel: the King of the Israel, the people of the nation, and the land of the nation. First…

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