Once again, sci-fi and Christianity!

Enough Light

I am not a true sci-fi fan. Much of it is just…too odd…for me. However there is some I do like, typically (but not always) post-apocalyptic scenarios. I’ve had 2 past blog posts connecting sci-fi to Christian themes:

Sci-fi and Christian fellowship.Because of apocalyptic scenarios, a group forms, who otherwise would have never come together. They unite in unusual circumstances to fight a common enemy or survive in tough times. It reminds me of what the church is suppose to be like – in regards to Christian fellowship – but too often falls short.

Sci-fi and Christianity. Understanding harsh OT laws.Yes, watching a sci-fi show helped me better understand certain harsh OT laws!

– Okay, now a new post! I really liked a sci-fi mini-series called The Triangle from 2005, and recently re-watched it. The wealthy CEO of a shipping company employs a team of four people – a journalist…

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