Remnant of Giants

Some Bibles have become famous, or perhaps infamous, due to the embarrassing misprints that they contain. Probably the most infamous of these misprinted Bibles is the so-called Wicked Bible or Sinner’s Bible. In 1631, the royal printers in England were commissioned to republish the King James Version. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your proclivities, the printers accidentally missed out the word “not” in one of the ten commandments:

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Many English readers were, of course, very pleased with this rewording. But when the authorities became aware of the error, most copies of the Wicked Bible were destroyed. Only a few copies survived, and these have become valuable collectors’ items.

Just recently, two more misprinted versions have appeared on the Bible market.

The first of these is the Lord Jesus Chris Bible, also known as the Nestle Aland Greek-English New Testament. This radical new Bible has changed the name…

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