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[An imagined conversation between Methuselah and Noah.]

“There is room,” Noah said. “We will MAKE room.”

“I am not to go, my grandson,” Methuselah replied. “You know that.”

“God did not say you cannot join us.”

“And he did not say I can. You and your family are the ones chosen to enter the ark, to care for the animals. To survive this …” His voice gathered strength. “This judgment.”

“Are you to be judged too, Grandfather?”

“I do not know God’s judgment of me. But I am to die without entering your boat. Besides, are you sure it won’t leak and lay stuck on the ground as the coming waters cover the earth?”

“Of course! I followed all of God’s instructions, from the wood to the sealing pitch. It is perfectly safe and …” Noah stopped as he heard his grandfather chuckling. “You are teasing me at a time…

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