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In honor of the 113th anniversary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s birthday (February 4, 1906), here are a few excerpts from a collection of his writings as found in Reflections on the Bible: Human Word and Word of God (Hendrickson, 2017).

Word and Deed

In a world in which deeds speak their own language in such an overwhelming way, what is the word of the church supposed to be? Has it not become superfluous? Should we not ourselves simply fall in line with these deeds and, in place of so many words, just contribute our own deeds? Deeds are credible. Should we complain about how deeds come about in this world? That deeds take matters into their own hands? That here the applicable watchword is simply that God helps those who help themselves? It is precisely as we stand in the midst of deeds that we ask for a clarifying word—otherwise…

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