I Was Unarmed


I seldom expose my vulnerability publicly but if this will help anyone spiritually then I will count my heart-felt, raw emotions on ‘paper’ worth it.

I had a rough past week but it didn’t start that way. You see, I took a leap of faith the last Sunday of January.

Filled with joy I stepped out of church on cloud nine feeling invincible and like it was going to be the best week ever! Instead  everything that could go wrong went berserk, or so it felt.

Machines went down at work making it a very stressful week with much tension among the employees, disagreements with my husband which is rare, happened and I was diagnosed with an infection. Feeling sick and discouraged, I almost laughed with hysteria when my youngest came down with fever. Is there anything else that could happen since I’m barely keeping my head above the water and…

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