Naming Injustice and Oppression in Pursuit of God’s Justice and Mercy

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[In today’s guest post, Lindsay Bruehl shares her open letter of gratitude to her church, a place where she stepped out of bondage to the injustice of judgmental legalism, finding freedom to grow in God alongside God’s people.]

The other day I wrote the most vulnerable piece of my life on my personal blog site. I want to share with you what led to the revelation of what happened to me and why I knew I could share my story without fear because of you, Wilshire.

Wilshire restored my faith that the transformational power of the local church is still alive and moving us forward for good.

Justice is a passion of mine and what led me to Wilshire, but what Wilshire also does is name the principality causing the injustice. I don’t know if you know how powerful that is to the human soul.

My Road to Emmaus

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