Surprising Audio Books


Last week I listened to two audio books that got me riled up! I wanted to enter the story exactly like the super readers do in Super Why and help the tortured women, lol!


First of all I did not intentionally pick these. If I had read the blurb to

The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman


I would have seen it had to do with a cult investigation and would have prepared my stomach for the sick minds of the leaders. I have to hand it to the author who did a great job creating this awful group lol! I was actually googling to see if The Children of Righteous Cain actually existed 😂 !! Talk about getting fantasy mixed with reality! It had me in suspense but it was hard to swallow the way they treated the women. I found this book through kindle Unlimited (I have a free 6 month…

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