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The Lions Den

Ever since there has been a history recorded of men’s doings, we have been witness to the spin of ‘why’ one truth is credible, while others are not. ‘Interpretation’ is called upon as a smokescreen to deaden the weight of what GOD HATH SAID. Dreams need interpreted, and there are plenty of Daniel’s when needed, but rest assured, God’s creation of whales, flora and fauna, the sun and moon, birds, and Mr. and Mrs Adam, as well as the mountains, rivers, and brooks of the world, need no interpretation. This is an important distinction to keep in mind.

Believe it or choose to remain in ignorance, but please do nor say there is a drop of ambiguity in the simple words: ‘In the beginning God………’ Only a stiff neck would say this statement needs interpreted. So when we read such things levelled at believers like this:

‘When you talk about…

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