Unashamed of Jesus

Moved with
compassion, Jesus stretched out His hand and touched him, and said to him,
“I am willing; be cleansed.” Mark 1:41

Heres a story of a man with leprosy, a skin disease that
causes physical deformation. During the First Century Jewish culture, people
who were disabled or physically ill were considered “Cursed by God’ and
banished from society. This man is an outcast, but hes seeking the One who set
the captives Free

He finds Jesus and begs to him “If you are willing, You can
make me Clean”. Why is this man pursuing Jesus? Why is he on his knees? Because
he knows Jesus is the Messiah (Christ), he has faith that Jesus can heal him

Jesus was moved with compassion, Jesus cares about us and
knows what we are feeling. Jesus, the Son of God, became human to die for our
sins. He knows our pain and…

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