Why Do Inerrantists Think the Bible is Inerrant Anyway?

Jesus Without Baggage

Sometimes I get the objection from inerrantists that ‘God would not leave us a defective Bible’. This assumes, of course, that God has somehow given us a ‘Bible’ in the first place. It diminishes the contributions of the individual writers as though they wrote under God’s dictation or influence, or at least that God protected the ‘Bible’ so that everything in it is true.

Of course, this is merely an assumption without basis except for the inerrantists’ wishful thinking and craving for absolute certainty. It ignores the use of ancient writing practices—including genres that are not literal or historical such as myth, story, poetry and so forth. It also neglects the limitations of the various authors’ eras, cultures, and inadequate grasps of God’s character compared to what we find revealed by Jesus.

The Warning of Revelation 22

Another very weak support for inerrancy is the appeal to Revelation…

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