My backyard and your spiritual life. Vines that live despite being hacked at the root?

Enough Light

I’ve observed a situation with vines and trees in my yard that made me think of an aspect of our spiritual lives. There are lots of trees in our backyard and we noted vines crawling up some of them, getting fairly high on the tree. The vines are not parasitic, but enough can block the tree from getting proper sunlight. So I got a hatchet and hacked the vines at the bottom of the tree trunks, thus cutting off their source.

I was surprised how long it took for the vines on the tree to die, despite the fact they were no longer connected to their source – the vine’s main trunk and roots. It was at least 2-3 weeks before withering began and another 1-2 weeks before the vines died.

Then we noticed the same on wooded property behind our yard, but these vines were older and more massive…

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