Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

Love and Obey

Jesus has great questions of me. Jesus wants to know if I understand love or if I’m just stuck on religious traditions and norms. Will I love the beggar and help them? Will I comfort the sick person and pray for Jesus to heal them? What will I do? Jesus wants to know. As a disciple, I need to learn.

One time when Jesus went for a Sabbath meal with one of the top leaders of the Pharisees, all the guests had their eyes on him, watching his every move. Right before him there was a man hugely swollen in his joints (dropsy). So Jesus asked the religion scholars, elites and Pharisees present, “Is it permitted to heal on the Sabbath? Yes or no?”

They were silent. So he took the man, healed him, and sent him on his way. Then he said, “Is there anyone here…

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