Jesus Quotes and God Thoughts

God knows. God cares.

Joy is something that I must work at. It is a fruit, needs cultivation, water, fertilizer and more. Neglect can rob me of joy.

People can rob me of my joy. Paul was a prisoner in Rome, his friend Philemon was in Colossae, and the human link between them was a runaway slave named Onesimus. The details are not clear, but it appears that Onesimus robbed his master and then fled to Rome, hoping to be swallowed up in the crowded metropolis. But, in the providence of God, he met Paul and was converted!

For I have come to have much joy and comfort in your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother.Philemon 7

Paul was facing his problems with people at Rome as well as with people in Philippi, and it was the latter who concerned him…

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