“You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness.”

William Shakespeare

Well, the meteorologists in Minnesota must be turning cartwheels and flips this morning.  We broke the all time record for snow in the month of February.  I don’t feel particularly excited about it, as you can tell by the last few posts I’ve written.

In this shortest month of the year, we’ve managed to close schools for more days than usually allotted for snow days.  Extreme cold and over average snowfall even caused the post office to close.  Enough already!  This will be my last post complaining about our fate in Minnesota.  I have actually become part of the landscape and am now permanently frozen under a mound of record snow.  Snow angels are not an option and our dog has given up eating so he won’t have to deal with the high snowbanks.

When you’re…

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