Two Sermons on Romans 6:13 by John Howe, Part 1. Do you have right those of God?


John Howe preached two sermons on Romans 6:13, “Yield yourselves to God”. From this he derives two basic questions: 1. How or under what notions we are to consider God and ourselves in this matter:2. What our yielding ourselves to him, so considered, must include.

This is a great secret to good exposition: pay attention to the parts of a text and ask the question: What does this mean? When presented with a word like “truth” or “love” or “God” or “yield” we think assume we know what is meant. But it is precisely that assumption which is troublesome.

It is precisely at this point that Howe begins. He points out that we fail to properly understand … God.

But do you now know with whom you have to do? Too many have the name of GOD, that great and awful name, in their mouth or ear, and…

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