Know Thy Self: Consider His ways And turn Your feet to His Testimonies

Rus Alan

I considered my ways And turned my feet to Your testimonies

In nature, mankind is the only creature on earth capable of purposeful self-development. Thus, the existence of an objective contradiction between the need of modern society for specialists capable of continuous self-development and the currently flourishing filling (civilizational) education paradigm, which does not consider the needs of the object in pedagogical activity (student/learner), forced our society to turn to the humanitarian direction in education. Creating the conditions for the self-development of all participants in the educational process was realized based on the humanization of education (humanitas – Latin, which has human nature). This position is a consequence of a fact realized by many research scholars “… the core of the personality is its humanitarian component”.

The statement in the value of self-development can be traced in many philosophical, psychological and pedagogical concepts. The diversity of approaches to the problems of personal self-development is reflected in the works of domestic and…

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