Only One!


Happy Sunday, I hope everyone is doing great?! I went off the grid for a couple of weeks due to illness in my home 🤒 but I am back!

Two weeks in a row I hit my lowest record of audio books! The days I showed up to work, which is where I listen to most audio books,  it was mostly music in my buds to keep my sleep deprived-self, moving! However I managed to squeeze one each week 😉.

The first week of my blog disappearance, I listened to

The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay


This was a fun, light-hearted novel. I’m not a big Jane Austen fan but this was still easy to follow. Austen fans would probably enjoy reading about the trip two girls make to England even more than I did😉.

The following week I listened to Finding Your Voice: What Every Woman Needs to Live Her…

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