The Everlasting Covenant

Bijbelvorser = Bible Researcher

Several of the Covenants which God made are styled “everlasting.” Not that they all are to be considered endless, but rather uninterrupted or perpetual until such time as may have been appointed for them to expire.

The Covenant with Noah (Gen. 9: 9-17), that of the Law (Ex. 31: 16; Lev. 24: 7-9; Num. 18: 19; Isa. 24: 5), that with David (2 Sam. 23: 5; 2 Chron. 13: 5), that with Abraham (Gen. 17: 7, 13, 19 ; Psalm 105: 8-11), and the New Covenant (Jer. 32: 40; Heb. 13: 20, 21) are called everlasting, although it is well understood
that the Law Covenant was strictly limited as to time. — (Gal. 3: 19).

Throughout the Epistle to the Hebrews, the Law and the New Covenants are continually contrasted, with a view to showing the superiority of…

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