Jesus, Live in Me More Than I live in Me

Reasoned Cases For Christ


Hard times. Hard realities. Hard lessons. I could go into particulars but you don’t really need to be taken into my numerous shortfalls. Just take my word for it, they’re there.

I’ve been reading and studying God’s Word a lot recently and in contrast, as far as me walking faithfully, not so much.

I don’t always look at God’s bigger picture, I don’t always focus on His intent over my own. I don’t stand victorious in all areas of my life.

It seems as though, every once in a while, God reminds me of my utter dependency for Him in literally every area of my life. My nature is to sin, sometimes I forget that. And I don’t mean that I forget that I sin, what I mean is that I forget the depth at which my nature is to sin. My nature is to want my perspective acknowledged over…

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