The Word for 2019: Restoration

Becoming Bridge Builders

Several of my readers picked the word restoration for their word for 2019. The key to restoration, is you can’t have restoration until something breaks and it needs repair. Usually that somethingis severely damaged. This illustration helps frame our devotion.

A few years ago, an angry man rushed through the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam until he reached Rembrandt’s famous painting “Nightwatch.” Then he took out a knife and slashed it repeatedly before they could stop him. A short time later, a distraught, hostile man slipped into St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome with a hammer and smashed Michelangelo’s beautiful sculpture The Pieta.Two cherished works of art were severely damaged. But what did officials do? Throw them out and forget about them? Absolutely not! Using the best experts, who worked with the utmost care and precision, they tried to restore the treasures.

One of the foundational grace passages of Scripture is Ephesians…

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