HEBREW TEXT: Scribal Errors in the Text

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The Hebrew text of the Old Testament in no way resembles a text of one of the classics which is obtained by collating many manuscripts and eliminating all errors as far as possible. It is to all intents and purposes a manuscript and displays all the forms of error found in all manuscripts. These are the following, classifying them according to their source.

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Failure to understand the sense gives rise to wrong division into words, e.g. Am 6:12, “with oxen” (plural) should probably be “with oxen (collective) the sea”; Jer 15:10; 22:14; Ps 73:4 have found their way into the text, e.g. Ps 40:8-9, “In a volume of a book it is written `alay,” referring to li in Ps 40:7; 2Sa 1:18 .

Errors of the Eye

Due to the eye are repetitions, transpositions, omissions, mistaking one letter for another, and so forth. Repetitions will be found: 2Sa 6:3-4 (Septuagint); 1Ki 15:6 (= 1Ki 14:30); Ex 30:6 (Septuagint); Le 20:10; 1Ch 9:35-44 = 1Ch 8:29-38; Isa 41:1 (compare Isa 40:31); Isa 53:7; Ps 35:15; 37:40…

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