House Divided

Unashamed of Jesus

“If a house
is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. Mark 3:25

While Jesus continued to perform miracles, driving out
demons, ect the religious leaders accused him of being possessed by a prince
demon named Beelzebul, to obtain the powers Jesus has. The interesting thing is
this is documented in the “Talmud” (which is a book of Rabbinic Teachings) that
states Jesus had “magical powers” to perform miracles ect.

Jesus quickly demonstrated to them that their logic is very
flawed. Why would Satan drive out Satan? (Mark 3:23) Obviously if Jesus was
possessed by the devil he would be doing works of the devil, not works of God.
He wouldn’t be healing people and forgiving their sins, he would be afflicting
them and condemning them to hell

Jesus makes another good analogy, a house or kingdom divided
will not stand (last) If Jesus was possessed…

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