thVX6UAKZA(In response to Julie Cook’s call for prayer and Citizen Tom’s answer.)

This has been a week filled with more and more slander, back biting, unethical behavior, the slow but sure death of a country turning further and further away from God.  I believe we all have our own ideas – our own ways of communicating with God – our concerns and passions about various issues.  God knows that too.   He listens to every prayer, no matter how we pray.  The fact that we are able to communicate with Him, with no heavy curtain between us is like the breaking down of a huge barrier.  We’ve been given the opportunity to speak face to face to the Holy One without fear.

Whatever our prayers are – whether general or personal – whether for what may seem insurmountable and impossible or for our daily needs – God hears us.  He evaluates His plan…

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