Samaritan's Song

Up until this year, I’ve always driven to and returned from work in daylight.

The hours of the courses I taught determined my schedule and, as a result, I lived most of my life in the sun.  A frozen sun in winter, admittedly, and one oft eclipsed by clouds, but sun nonetheless.  Driving in the darkness was an anomaly for me, something that betokened an after-hours meeting or a particularly venturesome activity.

This year, with more regular hours at my new position, I have spent the majority of winter driving to work in the dark.  I am fortunate that I return home with the light, but my husband doesn’t, and neither does my father.   I have come to understand the weariness they speak about in winter that comes with living life outside the hours of the sun, your going-to and your coming-from ensconced in perpetual dark.

I’ve written here before…

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