The Parable of the Vineyard ~ Yesha’yahu 5:1-7

My Heart is for Israel

In my last post, we examined The Branch of the Lord in Yesha’yahu 4:2-6. In this post, we look at The Parable (or Song) of the Vineyard in Yesha’yahu 5:1-7.

Grapes were among the basic staple products of the ancient Near East, and therefore the care necessary for a vineyard was well known. In the rocky and hilly terrain of Isra’elspecial care had to be taken to preserve the soil and the moisture necessary to produce good fruit. As the rocks were cleared from the hillside, the stones were used to create terraces to level the ground. This would prevent water drainage and soil erosion. More stones were used to build huts and watchtowers that would be used to protect the crop when it neared harvest time. Constant weeding between the rows of the vine was necessary to prevent weeds from springing up and sapping off the water…

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