Fresh Ground Theology

Here’s a song I’ve written (at least the words). It’s to the tune of Mary Did You Know. I wrote it in response to a message I heard during the Christmas season of 2017. It’s focuses on Philippians 2:5ff, both his humiliation and exaltation.

Verse 1 (Humbly):

Long, long ago, Jesus came to earth, born in manger lowly.

Cattle stall, in a bed of hay, although King of Glory.

Laid aside all the rights of God, now as man appears.

Since a man, he was a servant. Unto death he served with tears.

Verse 2 (Sadly):

Humble, broken, sad–Jesus prayed alone for disciples sleeping.

Sweating blood, plead the cup be passed from lips that were trembling.

But he drank! Drank the cup of wrath! Drained God’s wrath on man!

Empty fell the cup of judgement–‘Twas drained by nail pierced hands!

Chorus (With Power and Awe):

The God of all all…

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