Early Christians vs. Contemporary Christians: What’s Different?

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

By Robert Winn, author of Christianity in the Roman Empire

What do Christians do? One answer might be that Christians do the same things everyone does:  eat and drink, sleep, maintain important relationships with family and friends, work, play, and celebrate important events. But this is not really what this question is asking. What we are asking is this: what do Christians do that makes them different from everyone else? Christians in contemporary North America might answer in this way: attend church, read the Bible, pray regularly, fellowship with other Christians, and participate in ministries. They might also answer this question by listing things Christians don’t do because they would violate Christian morality.

Though living in a very different world and time, the very first Christians in the Roman Empire would have answered this question similarly. On the one hand, Christians are not all that different from their neighbors…

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