Creation Bunch

Interview with the Ho family

by Mark Looy

This is an amazing family: four siblings who all entered university by the age of 14 or younger (one at the age of 10!).

From left: Susanna, William, Esther, Samuel, Adina and Sean.

In the eyes of the secular world, what makes them even more amazing is that these exceptionally gifted children (now adults) believe in the Bible from the very first verse, including the historic and scientific reliability of the book of Genesis.

The Ho children–Samuel, Adina, Susanna and Sean–are the four remarkable children of Dr William Ho (M.D.)and his wife, Dr Esther Su (Ph.D., biochemistry). Fleeing the Communist Revolution in China of the late 1940s, Dr Ho settled in Hong Kong, where he received his medical qualification, and then emigrated to the United States in 1964.

His fiancÈe, (later, Dr) Esther Su, had already moved to the US from Hong…

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