Rutledge_Understanding the Death of JC_wrk03_c.inddDuring this season of lent this blog will focus on pretty well one thing – the cross of Christ.

We are going to do so by working our way through a magnificent book – The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Christ by Fleming Rutledge (a wonderful name). Published in 2015, it has rightly garnered rave reviews from all quarters of the Christian spectrum.

I can’t say that I have enjoyed reading a book as much as this one for a long long time. It is 659 pages long but a gripping read from start to finish.  Rutledge writs with verve, passion and scholarship in service of the Church. It is probably the most significant book on the cross since John Stott’s The Cross of Christ.

Rutledge is a retired American Episcopal priest and writes from within that context, but this is a book for the church as a whole. This…

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