The Six Woes and Judgments of Isra’el ~ Part 1 ~ Yesha’yahu 5:8-17

My Heart is for Israel

In my last post, we examined The Parable (or Song) of the Vineyard in Yesha’yahu 5:1-7. In this post, we begin to explore the SixWoes and Judgments of Isra’el in Yesha’yahu 5:8ff. Today, we will cover the first two of six woes Yesha’yahu declares toIsra’el.

The previous passage described Isra’el as a vineyard that produced worthless grapes. The six woes that follow illustrate why Isra’el was so worthless with judgments to follow.

8 Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field, until there’s no room for anyone else, and you live in splendor alone on your land. 9 Adonai-Tzva’ot said in my ears, “Many houses will be brought to ruin, large, magnificent ones left empty; 10 for a ten-acre vineyard will produce only five gallons of wine, and seed from five bushels of grain will yield but half a bushel.”

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