Reasoned Cases for Christ


As I look back in retrospect at all the different areas of concern that I have looked at over the years regarding my faith and trust in our Heavenly Father and Jesus, God’s Son and the Holy Spirit, I find that I am confident with the conclusions that I have come to and especially the rationale behind my deductive reasoning.

There are so many issues that have caught my attention over the years. I’ll list some of them but the list is much longer than this short one presented directly below.

  1. I investigated the authenticity of the Holy Bible including textual criticism.
  2. I investigated the canon of the Bible and the history behind it.
  3. I investigated creationism versus evolution which includes the origin of life and our universe.
  4. I investigated the history of the Christian Church in concert with world history.
  5. I investigated the history of the Christian Reformation.
  6. I…

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