Hell Hath No Fury…

See, there's this thing called biology...

I’m  a wee bit peeved at Pastor Tim Bayly, over at Warhorn. I’m extremely disappointed in him which is hard to do since my expectations are generally resting at the bottom of the barrel somewhere  among the  dregs anyway.

So they went and did a podcast , “Into the manosphere,” where they go all excited, to traverse the rabbit hole of so called “red pill Christianity.”

The “Sound of Sanity” my donkey’s behind. If this is what people call “sanity,” it’s highly overrated, in fact, you should flee any such notions of “sanity,” post haste.

Dalrock is practically gloating over all the sudden attention. I have to give Bayly some credit, I mean he did tweet something out about how much of the red pill sphere is “disgusting.” So you know, kind of like a retraction on the bottom of page 48.

I call complete bovine poo, just unmistakably…

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