How should a believer understand the concept of ‘tolerance?’  Our society places a high value on this thing we call ‘tolerance,’ but I have to wonder whether or not we are all using the word the same way.  One side likes to pretend it holds the moral high ground on ‘tolerance,’ but, at the same time, it seeks to destroy any and all who hold different beliefs.  How can one claim to be ‘tolerant’ while seeking to silence all opposing voices?  Another side is ‘tolerant’ of anything and everything, to the point where the notion of ‘tolerance’ becomes a nothing issue.  If one accepts anything and everything, then exactly what is the need for ‘tolerance?’  In both cases, the word, ‘tolerance,’ is used; but, in both cases, it means very different things. So, again, how should a believer understand the concept of ‘tolerance?’

I suspect I may see this as…

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