Unashamed of Jesus

So the people came
to Moses and said, โ€œWe have sinned, because we have spoken against the
LORD and you; intercede with the LORD, that He may remove the serpents from
us.โ€ And Moses interceded for the people. Numbers 21:7

Sin is what separates people from God. In order for us to be
brought back into the presence of God, we need an intercessor. Moses interceded
on behalf of the Israelites. During this story, because the Israelites
continued to rebel and sin against God, he punished them with poisonous snakes.
After the Israelites repented of their sins, Moses interceded for them for God
to forgive them

We seen this at Mt Sinai also, when the Israelites created a
Gold Calf to worship, God was obviously furious and wanted to wipe them all
out. However Moses interceded for the Israelites that were still righteous and
God forgave them.

So how andโ€ฆ

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